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MPE - Support for Controllers Like Roli Seaboard RISE, Linnstrument, etc. [Completed 5.0]

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asked Oct 9, 2016 in Completed Feature Requests by Funkybot (21,580 points)
There's a new generation of hardware controllers like the Roli Seaboard RISE or Grand, and the Linnstrument that use a new protocol called Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE). I'd like to see MPE support built into Studio One. Partners involved in designing the spec include Apple, Moog, Roger Linn, ROLI, Madrona Labs, etc.

In the current world, to use a Rise with an MPE compatible instrument in Studio One, I need to create 16 separate instrument tracks, each set to receive on a difference channel. Notes and note data can be transmitted on any of channels 2-16, with channel 1 acting as a master channel. This makes MIDI editing a nightmare.

As an alternative, if S1 had MPE support built in, a single MIDI track could be used to record/transmit data across all 16 MIDI channels, which would be much cleaner.

Here's some additional information:

As you can see from the "Using the Seaboard with Studio One" link, the workaround is cumbersome compared to native MPE support which would put all that data on a single track.

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answered Oct 10, 2016 by mattcaprio (147,560 points)
selected Dec 11, 2016 by ghasenbeck
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Nov 4, 2017 by davidransdell (290 points)
Is anyone else also having trouble getting the multidimensional sounds to record through studio one?  When I play on my rise it sounds great but when I try to record into studio one the sound is very one dimensional...

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answered Nov 18, 2017 by zerocrossing (360 points)
I’m currently abandoning Live for this exact reason. I love the Studio One workflow, but no can do without MPE.
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answered Feb 2, 2018 by Funkybot (21,580 points)
I'm sure the S1 Developers are aware, but MPE has been officially adopted as part of the MIDI spec. Now would be the time to start making tweaks to Studio One to help allow for it:
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answered Mar 2, 2018 by dominicjalsevac (370 points)
Also stoked for MPE support. My linnstrument isn't a fan of studio one right now. Now that its been officially adopted please implement!
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answered Apr 18, 2018 by joenoto (1,000 points)

If MPE is important to you, it doesn't appear that Presonus has a solution or that they're able to talk about their position on MPE.   I have heard that Bitwig does support MPE if you need something today and want to investigate. Below is Presonus tech support's response to my question about MPE and a possible workaround.  Hope this is helpful to you.

"Tech support isn't authorized to discuss what may or may not be added to the Studio One application in the future., we aren't aware of any workaround for MPE capability."

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answered Apr 21, 2018 by TillSweep (230 points)
This is a two partproblem.  One problem is that much of the load for this stuff would make sense as a VST or VSTI, but even Kontact has much that's lacking in terms of playability (or the fact that maschine is capped at 256 bars, which is senseless for my writing style).  the optimal route for MPE is being able to work within the VSTI rather than as routing it out to individual midi tracks within the daw.  Otherwise things will get super messy.  I spoke with Roli's people and they argue that they are a small company and that they need help from companies like presonus.

Either way, MPE is quite possibly a major jump in music production.
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answered Jun 22, 2018 by donlangley1 (450 points)
We just purchased a Roli Seaboard and did not realize that MPE was not supported by Studio One. We do not wish to move to another platform such as Reaper or Tracktion just to edit Midi tracks and then go through the effort of exporting back into Studio One. We realize that there is a work around which causes additional editing of each track in Studio One however this could be easily rectified as per other suggested solutions related to this issue. We are amazed that major DAWS such as Studio One have avoided addressing this issue when DAWs such as Garage Band have this technology already addressed. Please update and give us MPE and it will pay off.

Thank you,

NewDiscoveries Inc.
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answered Aug 8, 2018 by josephbae (1,520 points)
MPE would be a good addition. Hopefully it gets implemented. the expression that ROLI keyboards can make is pretty nice.
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answered Feb 20, 2019 by willemgobel (970 points)
All the major daws support MPE except Studio One, Live and Fruity Loops, why?

There are about six hardware controllers for MPE and 37 software synths that have MPE built into it, among them are Reaktor, Synthmaster, UVI Falcon, Omnisphere 2, Alchemy, Halion, U-HE and many more.

It will be only a matter of time that all the bigger names in the industry will have a hardware kontroller with MPE simply because the competition is doing it also and they will not stay behind.

I'm now on version 4 but if Studio One doesn't support this in the near future it will be the reason I'm not upgrading anymore and start with another daw.
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answered Apr 25, 2019 by scrade (580 points)
Just bought a Roli--I love Studio One, but I use Reaper for Roli--seamless MPE.  MPE is here to stay, and it's a major development, so I think any top notch daw must address the MPE issue.
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answered Jul 11, 2019 by brandonguergo (1,140 points)
Studio One 4 Pro user... Really wanted to get a LinnStrument but not much of a point without MPE support. I have an OB-6 that has MPE support but I like using its keyboard.
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answered Oct 4, 2019 by sintil8 (640 points)
With regard to the Op...

I am waiting to upgrade to SO1/4 but whilst having lots of new features I would love to use, i am still having to crawl back to my ancient copy of Cubase 6.5 to use and edit my Roli. Please help me and placate me from such a sin as having to mention CBase before breakfeast!

Best regard
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answered Oct 24, 2019 by erikhofmann (440 points)
I've never been an early adopter when it comes to music technology. For me it always felt like one of the most deep and messy mud puddles in software development you can manoeuvre your project carriage in.

After I bought the Roli Seaboard Rise, I learned it's already there for 3/4 years! Then I tried to integrate it in S1 v3 and v4 and now... I am here. What happened??? Nothing? PreSonus ... JUST... DO IT!

Many people here are right. We don't need another beat maker. We need a fully functional DAW that evolves with its user base and time - something S1 promised from first glance... and didn't hold up to eventually.
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answered Apr 25, 2020 by olivernash (240 points)
Thank you for making the request.

I just bought Studio One 4 Pro. Pulled out my Seaboard Rise and... oh dear. Every other major DAW supports MPE, so I never even considered that Studio One would not. I was so focused on watching Gregor demo all the cool features that I didn't see the missing basic functionality.

I guess since this request has been going since 2016, it's not going to happen any time soon. Hopefully, I can get a refund under the 14 day rule. Now I'm going to have to move to Cubase, which is a real shame because Studio One looks fantastic: great for my workflow, but, for me, it's useless without MPE support.

Only just arrived, so sad to be leaving,