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How to get around lack of MPE support in Studio One.

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asked Dec 29, 2018 in Studio One 4 by danielgreenwood2 (240 points)
Hi Guys. Love Studio One and do not want to change DAW but with the same old problem of lacking MPE support now I have a very lovely and expressive thing (Linnstrument).

I found an article before I purchased it describing how to get around the problem of no MPE support with S1 for MPE instruments like this and follishly didn't make a note of it. I understand it involves creating several instrument tracks putting them in a folder to be able to work with easily.

Two questions:

Could anyone please describe how I might do this? At the moment I'm only getting aftertouch and modulation messages, no actual note on messages working on any software instrument.

And will this use 16x the CPU? I hope not.

Anyone had any experience with this? Thank you in advance

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