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Is MPE support for Studio One coming?

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asked Apr 5 in Studio One 3 by joenoto (410 points)
Hi Folks at Studio One, I see several questions posted regarding MPE but haven't seen a response to the question; Will Studio One support MPE in the near future? Any plans you can share? Thank you,

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answered Apr 13 by PreSonuSupt4 (195,230 points)
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There won't be anyone there from the company who will speak to or be authorized to speak to possible future features in a public way.
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answered May 23 by liquid orange (200 points)
We are now in StudioOne 4 and I ask this question again because I don't find it in the "new feature list": Is MPE in version 4 or planned to come soon? As I need it, I have to decide if I'm upgrading to 4 PRO now or not...
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answered May 23 by joenoto (410 points)
From what Presonus has added to their website regarding version 4's new functionality, it doesn't appear MPE is supported. It's possible I missed it.  I have version 3.5 and was hoping to see MPE supported in this next release. Might have to wait until Version 4.5 or beyond. Currently, from the feedback I've received thus far, it appears Presonus won't share if they're investing in MPE. If I hear anything new, I'll post it here, please do the same. You're not alone, there are a number of folks who are looking for MPE functionality. Thanks!