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Render videos with project audio.

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asked Nov 28, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by timoliver (450 points)
The one thing that would stop a media composer from migrating to Studio One is the lack of ability to export a video with the project audio rendered into it.

We often have to send across videos with our music embedded into it or feedback from agencies, directors, studios etc

In Logic you are able to export a movie you are working on, and choose whether to replace the inherent audio - or add to it.

Without it, nobody is going to be migrating any time soon. Hopefully it's coming ??

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answered Nov 28, 2016 by jedsorkin (360 points)
I am also hoping for the same feature in Studio one professional, it's a feature in Logic that is a real timesaver when having to send clips for feedback at short notice. It would be excellent if Studio one could do the same.