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Why can't I hear playback through my computer's built-in speakers ? No audio interface of any kind is being used.

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asked Dec 12, 2016 in Studio One 3 by sandrajenne (150 points)
I'm using Studio One 3 Professional on my iMac; I am just learning it.  I have NO audio interface device of any kind at the moment – simply Studio One, my MIDI keyboard and a pair of headphones.

I can easily hear anything I’ve recorded just fine on playback, using headphones.  However, when I remove the headphones, I would like to be able to hear it played back through my computer speakers as well.  I have no external speaker setup (yet).  However, I know that in Garageband I WAS able to hear playback through my computer’s speakers just fine.  

Is there some setting I need to change ?

Thanks so much

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answered Dec 22, 2016 by butchrichard (131,270 points)
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Check your computers Sound Preferences and Audio MIDI Setup in Utilities.