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Can i set up the Audiobox USB without studio monitor by using studio one 3

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asked Jan 12, 2017 in AudioBox USB by guoqiangliu (120 points)
Can i set up the Audiobox USB without studio monitor by using studio one 3 ,

I don't have studio monitor and i want recording guitar and vocal, it seem doesn't work i click recording then i go back to listen my track ,i can't heard anything

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answered Jan 13, 2017 by peterbenson1 (290 points)
edited Jan 13, 2017 by peterbenson1
Hi Guoqiangliu. Your question is difficult to understand, because you have left out, helpful details that could guide us further, in understanding your problem (See my note at the bottom of this window). But I will try to answer.

Yes, Audiobox USB, like most any other audio interface, can be set up to operate with Studio One v3 (or most any other modern DAW software) even if you have no studio monitor loudspeaker system connected to the rear of Audiobox USB: But without Studio monitor loudspeaker system, you will then, likely choose to use headphones (or a powered set of computer speakers?) instead, by plugging them into the headphone jack of Audiobox USB, and controlling headphone volume with the headphone volume knob on the Audiobox USB. (If you were instead expecting to monitor the sound from your computer's built in sound card instead of from Audiobox USB, you have not informed us).

You will certainly have to first, make sure you have followed the Audiobox USB setup instructions, to ensure that your Audiobox USB drivers are X properly installed on your Windows PC or Mac host computer, and that you indeed have Audiobox USB properly selected in your Studio One 3 DAW setup preferencesso that Audiobox USB inputs are fed to the DAW, and so that your DAW outputs signals to your Audiobox USB interface, where your headphones should be connected -- and with Audiobox USB powered on (and connected to a working USB port on your computer, with a PROPERLY WORKING USB cable.

If troubles persist, try using a different USB Cable -- or try using a different USB port on your computer.

Special note: If instead, your Audiobox USB is connected to a USB hub, and then that hub is connected to your computer, by a USB cable, make sure it is a POWERED USB hub, with an AC power connection, to ensure an adequate supply of 5-volt DC power is reaching that AudioBoxUSB!


MISSING INFORMATION: You have not informed us how your Audiobox USB is connected, nor have you informed us that you indeed have Audiobox USB drivers installed on your computer; nor do we know which Operating System version is on that computer -- nor have you informed us that you are seeing VOLUME readings on any channel input in the Studio One DAW, while the RECORD function is engaged in your DAW, and if there is any MASTER Audio Output Volume reading on the meter(s) in the Studio One DAW. Lastly, you did not mention whether or not you have a properly functioning pair of headphones plugged into the AudioBox USB, with its volume set for suitable listening. You have not informed us what your wiring connections are, for monitoring already-recorded audio playing back from Studio One 3 -- what type device are you listening with: computer speakers? Headphones? (And how and where are they connected)?

I hope I inspired you toward a solution.
Kindly, Peter Benson