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Prompt to save song upon closing when no changes have been made

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asked Feb 24, 2017 in Studio One 3 by harveywright (1,610 points)
If I save a song, then immediately attempt to close the song, S1 prompts me to save my work.  Is this normal behavior?  Since I just saved the song, there should not be any additional changes to save.

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answered Apr 10, 2017 by lawrencefarr (221,410 points)
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We would agree that the saving should not become "dirty" unless something changed. If you can reliably recreated this behavior while making certain that nothing has changed, no window has moved or resized or anything else, make a tech support ticket with the steps to recreate, make sure to include your operating system version and Studio One version and tech support will look into it.

It may well be some small parameter changing that you didn't notice if using a control surface or similar, hard to say.
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answered Oct 5, 2023 by markthomas12 (470 points)
I get this all the time, and it happens even if nothing has changed. I feel like it must have something to do with the way Studio One deals with third party plugins, although Reaper doesn't do this with the same third party plugins. Weird, and pretty annoying when I have lots of projects open and then try to quit Studio One. I get pestered to save every open project. I feel like I may as well force-quit instead of quitting normally.