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On a StudioLive 16 III about how much recording time is there on a 32 gb card with all channels armed?

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asked Feb 28, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by sirrenity (210 points)
I'm trying to find out about how much recording time I would have on a StudioLive 16 III with a 32 gb SD card and all 16 channels armed to record

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answered Feb 28, 2017 by maxstratmann (42,190 points)
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Once you've properly formatted your SD card you can insert the card to the SD card slot on the StudioLive Series III. Press the home button on the mixer and then go to Capture on screen. You can then run the SD Card Performance Speed Test which will allow you to ensure that your SD card is capable of recording the amount of tracks needed. Once you've ensure that the SD card has met your requirements in the Speed Test you can create a new session. Once the new session is created you will be able to arm the tracks that you wish to record. As you record enable tracks you will be able to see the "Remaining Time" update in the session. A properly formatted SD card should be able to record all 18 tracks (16 individual tracks plus the main left and right output tracks) for approximately 3 hours.