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Does the SL32 III control all channels in the DAW mix or is it limited to the 32?

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asked Feb 25, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by sachagorter (200 points)
Hi Presonus,

I am (still) a Digi003 controller and Protools user and want to upgrade to more channel auto-fadered mixer/controller and what i have seen on your videos and all the options and features within th SL32. Series 3 and StudioOne4 makes me very much wanting to buy this system.  I would only use the system in the studio so not for live applications ..

But I mix an average of 64-96 channels in my DAW and I now have control of only max 8 channels (on the 003) by "banking per 8 or nudging per 0ne channel" . A 32 "controller" would save my lots of time and I am even willing to change DAW (SO4) if needed.

Would I be able to control more then the 32 channels in Protools and what about StudioONE4  ?

So not controlling them at the same time (physicaly i know you only have 32+1 faders but moving through the channels as i Go through the mix within the software.. How many channels would be possible to bank through ?

If this is possible i will absolutely buy the system !!

Hope to read you soon!


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answered Feb 27, 2019 by jonnydoyle (384,010 points)
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You would simply just keep banking to get to the require channels. 

Pro Tool Video: