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Cannot find VST Plugins locations in Studio One 3

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asked Apr 27, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by allandanilo (170 points)

Hi guys, 

I'm having issues with getting access to VST plugins on Studio One 3. I've been reading around that to find them you just need to specify the locations on the Options tab... but as you can see on this image, I don't have that tab... I'm really going nuts trying to find this, but it's impossible. Any thoughts about why? Maybe I don't have the complete Studio One 3 version? I tried to upload it, but it says I have the newest version... So I't stuck right now :/

The VST Plugins locations should be next to the Instruments Library, but it isn't... please help and thanks in advance :D

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answered Apr 28, 2017 by paulclarke2 (26,950 points)
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Third Party VST integration is not supported with Studio One Artist. In order to be able to utilize additional plugins, you would need to either upgrade to Studio One 3 Professional or upgrade your Artist version by purchasing the VST/ReWire Add-On; which allows for the use of additional non-bundled Third Party VSTs as well as adding ReWire Support in Artist

--> IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Here is a Studio One 3 Version chart breakdown of what features are included in each version of Studio One 3. It is VERY important that you read this article so you understand the limitations of EACH version of Studio One 3:

You can purchase the Upgrade or Add-On here:


Add On:

Artist Booster Pack Bundle: