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Is the VST rewire support going to help me

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asked Jan 24, 2018 in Studio One 3 by gurnard1 (830 points)
I have been working with studio one 2 and then 3 for some years and it works for me.

Up until now I have not needed to rely on any 3rd party plugins. But I see that artist does not support VST2 plugins.

I see I need to buy and install the VST AU rewire support. But will this help me or does this just work if I then use Studio One as an instrument slave?  I don't want to do this. All I want is a plugin, such as ezdrummer2 so I can lay down some drum tracks directly in the DAW.

I see there are a lot of people that state it does not work or it does not recognize exdrummer2 even when the VST AU rewire support is installed. So I am a bit worried about forking out for it.

I am on windows 10 with and AudioBox USB.

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answered Jan 24, 2018 by gregdenson (7,900 points)
If you want to use 3rd party plugins then yes. VST is basically plugins like  ezdrummer, AU is the mac equivalent and rewire will let you connect to other programs like linking notion and studio one together.