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1 click spacing adjustment to get rid of overlaps or areas too crowded.

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asked May 30, 2017 in Notion Feature Requests by elizabethalsop (2,050 points)
Sibelius One has a one click spacing adjustment feature that is wonderful. In Notion things sometimes get too crowded when adding chords, dynamic marks, lyrics and other things. Also these symbols end up at all different heights making the score look messy. A way to create space where things are overlapping and make the height of chords and other symbols consistent would be a nice user choice option.

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answered May 30, 2017 by AlexTinsley (907,080 points)
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answered Nov 30, 2017 by timclarke1 (170 points)
I almost added a feature request for adjusting the spacing between ACCIDENTALS and NOTES especially with the Jazz Font.  Anyone who has used the jazz font with Notion 6 has probably noticed that the accidentals are "merged" with the note head, making it basically unreadable.  We need more control over the spacing of accidentals; if you won't give us that, then at LEAST fix this so it it readable.