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Ableton with AudioBox iTwo has stuttering audio durring recording

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asked Jun 7, 2017 in AudioBox USB by davidrice1 (190 points)

I've read a number of threads and note that I have already tried changing my buffer size(s) to every possible combination imaginable (keeping them to logical numbers 528, 1024, etc).

This a relatively new problem that I think has happened with either a Presonus update or Win 10 update (things worked fine for a long time up until recently).

Problem: Audio during recording drops out when recording with Ableton. When simply monitoring an audio input, the audio is fine. It is only when I go and playback what was recorded does the problem show.

Note that I have tested this on a brand new Ableton session with no other devices or tracks added.

I have a rocking new computer

  • Win 10 (all updates done)
  • Ableton ver 9.7.1 or whatever the latest update is
  • Latest version of Presonus Universal Control 2.1 (I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling including removing all recommended components)
  • 32 GB ram
  • 1 TB SSD drive
  • Audiobox iTwo is plugged directly into the PC

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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answered Jun 10, 2017 by davidrice1 (190 points)
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I connected with Ablteton and they suggested downloading installing ASIO4All. I did that and then noticed that Ableton has a driver "type" drop down at the very top of the audio device settings page. When I clicked it, I noticed a native ASIO option and selected that and then there was an AudioBox ASIO option as well as the new ASIO4All I had installed. I selected the AudioBox ASIO option and it automatically sets the buffer size which gave me an input latency of 28.9 which I can live with (there is no option to change). The good news is I no longer have stuttering issues and my audio quality has actually improved. This is a good example of user error but I have seen a lot of posts out there on this issue, so here is a good way to solve the problem.