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Studio One stops reading Part Automation (via Macro Knobs) as soon as I touch the Knob

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asked Jul 28, 2017 in Studio One 3 by BrentJammer (770 points)
So I've been recording Part-Automation of some VSTi-Parameters that I attached before to Macro Knobs. This works as it should, after recording (via the Transport bar record) Studio One is reading the Part-Automation and moving the parameters on my Synth.

But as soon as I touch one of the automated while playback (not recording!) Macro Knobs it stops reading the parameter / knob I just touched. If I touch another knob it stops reading that one, too, both knobs are no longer automated. To make it start reading these automations I need to press stop and start again, which isn't ideal.

Not sure if it's a bug.

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answered Jul 28, 2017 by LMike (14,670 points)
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This is intentional.  This allows you to preview automation moves before writing them on things that are being read without fighting against the existing automation, and as you noted, always go back to reading when you cycle the transport.

It works that way globally for automation.