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IPAD wont connect to UC surface after the 1.3.11924 Firmware update, but DOES connect to Qmix - UC

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asked Aug 4, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by visionhosanna (140 points)
Hey Guys,

My Studiolive series III will not connect to UC Surface, but does connect to Qmix UC, I have tried using another IPAD, made sure it is in The same network, restarted, delete app, re installed , forget network and reconnect. All possible troubleshooting may you please help. NOTE this started after the FIRMWARE UPDATE 1.3.11924 before that it use to work, also all phone apps (qMIx UC) work properly it is just the UC SURFACE we are having difficulty with.

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answered Aug 5, 2017 by Gembo2011 (1,240 points)
You said your SLS3 will not connect to UC Surface running on your iPad?

I am assuming that UC Surface APP is running on the iPad and you ARE on the same network as the SLS3 - but UC Surface will not control the console?

On the console go to HOME > SYSTEM > PERMISSIONS

If your iPad that is running UC Surface is correctly connected to the network, you should see it listed under Device/User in the Permissions area of the console.

If you see "There are no remote clients connected" in the console Permissions area and you are running UC Surface on the iPad, make sure you are not running UC Surface in the DEMO MODE...

Now back to the Permissions area - I think I read that when updating Firmware, the system defaults to back to NONE in the Permissions area. If you see your iPad listed under Device/User and the MIX indicates NONE, the UC Surface will do nothing. To fix this just press the MIX box and assign your iPad to FOH (or what MIX you intend using it for).

To sum it up:

If you are running UC Surface on the iPad and do not see it show up in the Console Permissions Screen, then you probably have a network connection issue between UC Surface and the console.

If you do see the your iPad listed in the Console Permissions area, make sure all the groups you want to control are highlighted (Cyan) (Name - Scenes - GEQ and so on) AND the MIX you want to control is listed (FOH - ALL AUXES - AUX 1/2 and so on)

NOTE - Just a suggestion!

Tracking Networking issues can be difficult. If you suspect a Network issue, maybe calling Presonus Tech support can help guide you.

Try this for a starting point!
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answered Oct 22, 2017 by kbutler (190 points)
Hello Just bought new Studio live 24 series three Friday. Unversal control works well. Q mix shows on I phone and on Ipad.

UC Surface loaded on Ipad Will come up but scan shows nothing. Demo works.  Have loaded deleted and reloaded several times too

Kim Butler   WHeeling WV
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answered Oct 22, 2017 by kbutler (190 points)
To add to last question.  I do have I pad that is 2012. So may need new one with newer IOS ????
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answered Nov 21, 2017 by jayviedb (560 points)
Did you find an answer to this issue? Im having same issue. Just bought a series iii 32. Updated firmware to latest version.