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[Bug] Duplicate event and extend right/left doesn't work

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asked Aug 5, 2017 in Studio One 3 by justinmeyer (2,530 points)

That one bothered me like 2 years ago.
Today I was surprised that this bug still exists.

When you click on an event (either left click or navigating by using the arrow keys)
you can extend the previous/next event(s) by holding down the Shift key + arrow left/right.

Now the bug:
When you duplicate an event, the freshly created event is highlighted - ok so far.
If you now use the extend keystroke (either left or right), the duplicated event will not be marked anymore.

I know it might look unimportant for many guys, but people who work a lot with
MIDI controllers and scripts will be pretty happy if this bug has finally been fixed.

Please see the attachment:

Thanks for reading (and voting)

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