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I cant listen to my recording

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asked Oct 12, 2017 in Studio One 2 by brendanthomas2 (120 points)
The program says I am recording but when I press play and try to listen to it, none of the sound comes out. It is not my Bose headphones that are not working because I can listen to music on Spotify with them. I am trying to record with an AudioBox 22VSL and a sterling audio mic. I am also using this all on my mac. I got these for a Christmas present years ago and am now trying to record so I do not know a whole lot about them. I have tried looking up tutorials and other q&a but have not found any that help me out. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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answered Oct 13, 2017 by donaldbaarns (9,780 points)
Have you configured your I/O to use the Audiobox as your output?

Are you plugging the headphones into the Mac? or into the Audiobox?

There are plenty of options.

If you are plugging into the Audiobox, you need to set S1 to playback via that box in the Song Setup dialog.

If you are plugging into the computer, you have to set that for the output instead.

It depends on what you are trying to do, but it's about the I/O configuration...

You can see a link on the Start Page ("Configure Audio Device...") and that's the starting point to get it set up.

I hope this helps.