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One Channel of AudioBox USB is louder than the other

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asked Nov 12, 2015 in AudioBox USB by ajkjarek (220 points)

I have AUDIOBOX USB STEREO. It doesn't matter if i play guitar or just listen to the music from PC. When i start increase MAIN volume i have problem. The potentiometer works by leaps as you know. On position 4 i hear only left channel. Right speaker - silence. When i change on 5 positon MAIN VOLUME on audiobox, right channel starts works but always left channel is minium lauder than right. It is not problem with speakers, because when i change cabels the situation is that right speakers start play on 4 position of main volume and left not works. I have the newest drivers for Audiobox. Older drivers - was the same problem. Sorry for bad english.

(copied from another question)

I create account, registered, download all the newest drivers for audiobox. I'll explain my problem with an example:

First, important think. It's nothing common with Studio One or other DAW. For example i open You Tube channel, chose some audio to listen. I set up in windows 10 usb audiobox as my sound driver. Balance and other thing, all is set up correctly in the system.

The problem is when i start increase volume on my audiobox knob (Main). I set up Mixer knob full right. System sound volume set up on 100 % Now i increase MAIN on audiobox from position 0 to:

one step up - I hear nothing from both speakers (ok for me is not the problem)

second step - the same as above

third piosition of knob - the same (silence from both speakers)

Four position knob - i hear sound from left speaker but right speaker still not play - silence

Five position of Main knob - i hear left speaker and right just started to play

When I still increase Main, of course both of speakers play lauder and lauder but left speaker louder than the right. When i change the outputs of speakers the situation is reversed, then right speaker is a little bit louder and always first react on incerease a volume (when i set main knob on 4 position). That's the proof for me it's the problem with the outputs of audiobox.

I think, know i write my problem clear.

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answered Nov 12, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,870 points)
Are you using the default template in S1 for the AB? The default output is stereo, and your source is mono. You can go into studio one, options, song setup, and configure your inputs as mono. Use the mono input for guitar, and s1 will sum the output to stereo with the guitar panned center. This should get you signal in both sides.