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RM32AI and RML32AI Connection Issues

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asked Oct 22, 2017 in Ai Mixers by mr16track (530 points)

I had more issues with connection this weekend. I'm trying to document it so it can be narrowed down.
I was running with my RML32AI, CS18AI, iPad, and Microsoft surface.
The CAS18 is hooked via an Ethernet cable directly to the RML32. I have a router hooked via the wifi dongle.
It ran fine for a while, but then the surface dropped connection. When it tries to hook back up, it shows two mixers, each with a different IP address. Then the iPad drops out. when the tablets are trying to hook back up, the CS18 drops out.
Here are some videos. You can see everything goes haywire.
What is going on???

I've had these mixers with CS18AI control surfaces since March, and they have been extremely unreliable.  I REALLY need help to get them going.  The RML32AI used to work until I was told to swap the cards to see if that was the problem. Now, neither works...  Any help would be extremely appreciated...  Thanks!

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