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Automation Issue - Automation line acts incorrectly

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asked Nov 18, 2017 in Studio One 3 by tommypeluso (410 points)
I found a bug. If I am trying to push an instrument level up in a certain section (using the automation line) and then delete what I've done using undo CMD+Z, it will bring UP the rest of that tracks volume line to the line I've pushed up rather than just deleting the line I've pushed up.

For example: If you have a snare and want to accent one of the snares on the track = switch to volume automation on that track, highlight that snare, then grab the automation volume line and push just what you've highlighted up. If you choose to delete that move to erase the line you just pushed up by hitting CMD-Z for Undo, it will pull up the rest of the volume line on the rest of the track instead of just undo'ing that line you pushed up. It's hit or miss and happens sometimes, but more than not.

I'm on the latest version of Studio One 3.5.2

Is this happening to anyone else?

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answered Nov 28, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (220,420 points)
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We cannot recreate that here.  If you can reliably recreate it, please make a short video of it or lay out the exact steps to recreate it and link or submit that in a support ticket.  Be specific as possible, automation track, child auomation lane, instrument track, audio track, etc.