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Can the Akai Professional MPK Mini Mk2 work with Studio One 3 Artist?

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asked Nov 24, 2017 in Studio One 3 by annwang (240 points)
edited Nov 24, 2017 by annwang
I heard somewhere that Studio One 3 Artist doesn't support certain MIDI controllers. I know this is probably a stupid question but is the Akai Professional MPK Mini Mk2 supported? What about the Alesis Vmini?

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answered Nov 28, 2017 by millcreekstudio (160 points)
it should work.  I have used this controller with Prime.   Although S1 will recognize controller (and many others), the intitial setup is minimal.  Pretty much transport and keyboard will work out the box once you add as a controller, but midi mapping of more advanced functions like Plugin parrameters have to be done manually.