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How can I use Bank B CC pads of MPK Mini Mk2 to control things in Studio One?

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asked Sep 29, 2019 in Studio One 4 by johnsleight (120 points)
I am able to use Bank A of the cc pads to control things like bypasses etc. in Studio One. But when I switch to Bank B there is no option to assign these. The midi monitor is registering the presses but the option to assign them doesn't exist at all. According to the external devices page for the mpk in studio one it only lists K1-K8 but nothing more than that even though you can use these 8 pads twice over meaning there should be K1-K16. If there is some way I can fix this please let me know. I have even tried to create a new virtual midi device and only keep CC 9-16 but again the midi monitor registers the presses but doesn't allow assigning. Is there a way to just assign a specific cc value to a control?

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