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How to setup yamaha montage with studio 1 3.5 receives midi no sound from the motif standard setup does not work ?

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asked Dec 29, 2017 in Studio One 3 by davidjames2 (140 points)
Hooked up yamaha montage according to standard midi instructions 3 different ways 20 times sometimes shows the midi input in studio one sometimes shows midi data on keyboard but never any sound have had a lot of modules and a lot of daw's including logic pro x new to studio one 3.5 pro motif worked fine with logic and studio one montage is a brick wall to me can't seem to make this wall move . Support sends me the generic setups i know them nobody seems to be specific to montage setup except cubase . by the way works like a charm with the free cubase but not studio one need some step by step instructions to make this thing work HELP !!!!

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answered Jan 2, 2018 by Jeff Martindale (860 points)
To use your Montage as a "Master Controller" for your DAW (Studio One 3 )

you have to have a midi interface going into your computer,

that needs to be established, its working if your seeing the orange midi input arrow flashing when you hit the keys(lower left corner)

You need to select a device to control-

Mid lower left side in Studio One, click on the "inst" to see instruments

Add an "Instrument", hit the Plus arrow ( like Presonus /Presence)


In your track window, "Track"/ "add instrument track"

Open the inspector window to see the "Input" (New/ Master Keyboard)

and the "output" : select "Presence"

You should be able to select a patch & trigger it from your Yamaha.

(Make sure your Master Controller is on the same midi channel as the virtual inst.)

To trigger the External device, (Montage)

Track,/ Add Instrument track/

Open inspector,

Input: New Keyboard/ Master Controller

Output: New KeyBoard/ Master controller

select midi channel to control, make sure you have a sound on the synth on that midi channel.
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answered Jan 20, 2018 by L56 (140 points)

Maybe this will help some people with the same question: Please see my last comment in this thread

You don’t need a midi interface like suggested in a previous answer. The montage has integrated midi and audio via USB.