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MIDI Automation Not Reading

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asked Jan 3, 2018 in Studio One 3 by scottelliott2 (120 points)

The issue I'm encountering is as follows: I manually program MIDI CC information into my MIDI tracks, but the program does not respond. Tracks are set to "Read." Interestingly, if I close S1 and restart the session the MIDI information then correctly reads. This is not practical, however, and I'm curious if anybody else has experienced this issue or has a possible solution.

I'm new to S1 (from Cakewalk SONAR), so it's entirely possible I'm incorrectly doing something.

Thank you.

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answered Jan 3, 2018 by scoredfilms (6,230 points)

That does sound odd and I've never had CC not work for me. So who knows... could be a bug or just a matter of learning a new program. Are you editing automation lanes under each track in the sequencer view... or editing CC lanes in the Piano Roll? Which CC number are you editing and for what VST? I only ask that because of a weird learning curve issue I had getting used to the way Studio One works with Vienna Ensemble Pro, which I use to host all my instruments (orchestral instruments in my case).

Studio One is probably one of the easiest DAWs to get familiar with quickly once you get into it. So I wouldn't worry too much if anything feels foreign at first. It won't for long. lol ;)


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answered Jan 4, 2018 by brockstallworth (3,090 points)
Did you activate the automation in the channel? I had that issue once and I also thought it was a bug...until I hit the power icon lol. It was smoove sailing after that