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aux input on a studiolive 32 series 3

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asked Jan 10, 2018 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by danottesenmadsen (230 points)
Can I add 4 external effect processor at the same time on a Presonus StudioLive 32 Series III

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answered Jan 12, 2018 by Michael Martin (89,000 points)
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Aux Input can accept any TS / TRS 1/4" Line level connection. There are two Stereo Aux Inputs on the SL 32 model.

This could be external processors, keyboards, Media Players, mixers, etc.
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answered Jan 12, 2018 by danottesenmadsen (230 points)

Thanks for your reply What I doubt is that I would like 4 external effect processor at the same time. It seems that there is only the possibility to set 2 processor by aux input / output connections. My question is whether you can add 2 power processor via another channel path?

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answered Jan 12, 2018 by olivermanz (250 points)
Besides the two stereo Aux inputs you can use any of the other channel inputs as additional FX returns.

Actually I use four external FX processors connected to my mixer. I used channels 31+32 (linked mode) as another stereo FX return for my third FX processor and channel 30 as a mono FX return for my fourth FX processor.
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answered Jan 13, 2018 by danottesenmadsen (230 points)

thanks for your reply How do I send the signal to the FX processor? (AUX Send) to all 4 FX Processors?