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The cue mixes are sub groups so they affect the main volume is there anyway to bypass them going through the main bus?

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asked Feb 6, 2018 in Studio One 3 by guitarz99 (160 points)
I'm recording a 3 piece band an gave them all their own headphone mix with my 6 channel headphone amp. Sends 1+2 to headphone mix 1 etc etc. I noticed during playback once we had a few tracks recorded that turning up the cue mixes the overall volume got louder on my monitors. The cue mixes are sub groups from what I understand so I need to turn the cue mixes down during playback so they don't affect what we hear out of my monitors, Is there anyway to stop the sue mixes from going out the main bus? I wish cue mixes acted more like auxiliaries than sub groups.

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