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Studio One 3.5.5 Bugs

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asked Feb 10 in Studio One 3 by mattthomas11 (130 points)
Hello Studio One 3 Community,

                                               I noticed a couple issues ( bugs) with the new update of Studio One 3.5.5. I have noticed while recording a midi part in loop mode when you disengage the record button the first bar of the instrument is cut off. Now it is still recorded but you need to pull the edge of the midi block to access it which is a bit annoying instead of jumping right into another track. Which brings me to the other bug that when you arrow down or select another track while the song is playing in loop mode it cuts the playback of all other instruments playing until the chord or drum part moves on the next midi note. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing these problems as well. I did 2 fresh installs ( cleaned registry , deleted left over Presonus files in appdata file location ) but still the same problem. I went back to Studio One 3.5.4 and the problems have disappeared which leaves me to believe that it is something with the new update.

OS - Windows 7 64bit

Intel i5 2.90 Ghz Dual Core

8GB Ram

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answered Feb 23 by robertgray3 (17,250 points)
For the first issue, try to document the steps to create the bug and send all the info you can to Support by creating a new Support Ticket. I had a similar (possibly even related) issue with loop recording and sent it in and they mentioned they forwarded it to the developers. So now it's at least in the official tracking system.

For the second issue, do you have "Enable low latency monitoring for instruments" enabled in the Audio Setup -> Processing section when this happens? Does the issue go away when you change that setting? I'm working on documenting a bug report right now and I think it's for the same issue. Just was curious if it's happening on Windows too since I'm on a Mac.