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After upgrading to 7049 firmware my rm16 won't connect to iPad or Mac via wifi.

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asked Nov 29, 2015 in Ai Mixers by christippett (120 points)
After the laborious task of the 7049 upgrade repeatedly bombing out, I finally got it to work all the way through, now my mixer won't connect by wifi, no idea what to do, I haven't change any wifi settings.


The iPad shows the mixer in he connection window but it just won't connect to it.

Using a FireWire connect to Mac, clicking on the wifi tab shows the message that the mixer has no wifi connectivity, but the net work seems to be up and running fine.

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answered Nov 30, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,990 points)
Did you also update UC Surface on the mac and the ipad? I think you will need to reapply permissions from the mac, to allow the ipad to connect in settings.