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S1 crashes when loading songs with waves plugins

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asked Mar 11, 2018 in Studio One 3 by bomcgee21 (180 points)
Windows 10

amd x6

16 gb


Program worked yesterday but crashes every time when songs are loading and they have waves plugins in the song. I've uninstalled the programs/plugins reinstalled to the same problem. I reset the blacklist. I'm starting to get upset because my studio is down and I have client's projects that I need to work on.

I've never reached out before, please help!

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answered Mar 12, 2018 by moshegoldstein (1,730 points)
Same here, almost.

Waves plugins sometimes crash S1 by me too. Not when opening a project that has them, but sometimes when I open the plugin itself it crashes.

Side rant: All Waves plugins don't scale for my 4K monitor, so they're tiny...
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answered Mar 14, 2018 by Rick Bell (120 points)
****! I'm still on S1.3.5.1. And I'd like to update!

Waves works w/o a problem. Until I see a good reason to chance the updates, I'm staying put! Can't believe you've gotten no fix to this!
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answered Mar 14, 2018 by bomcgee21 (180 points)
I finally figured out the problem. Amplitube 4 (used in my large songs WITH waves) developed a registry problem. I corrected the problem and am up and running again!

Thank God presonus gives 5 licenses. I was able to figure this out by isolating the plugins on my laptop and transfering the song on a thumb drive to my desktop for troubleshooting.

Waves wasn't the problem at all, even though I swore at them like they were. Haha.
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answered Mar 19, 2018 by fransvannispen (5,750 points)
On OSX the VST2 version of Amplitube is instable with S1. Using the AU version, you do not have the crash on loading sessions. Also the S1 3.5.5 versions has a lot of crash on load issues. I you experience that, going back to 3.5.4 loads your session.
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answered May 11, 2018 by fujiwarashuji (140 points)
Me too. Why?
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answered Oct 14, 2019 by antwane1 (540 points)
Still getting crashes  in 4.5.4 any updates.