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Unable to 'arm' track to record

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asked Apr 7 in Studio One 3 by brianjohnston (120 points)
I checked for information on this, but I don't see an answer.  I'm looking for a new DAW because Sonar X3 is giving me constant problems. Surprise, surprise, this program doesn't seem any better.  I can arm a track and hear myself play... my audio information is correct (to my knowledge), but I cannot arm a track to record.  In fact, when I click the record it disarms my audio input and I no longer can hear it. Any advice appreciated before trying Abelton Live.

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answered Apr 11 by danieldaves (440 points)
I had same problems...but just got it answered. Tech support sent me some help, and my problem was my AVG anti-virus was preventing Studio One - 3 to arm and record. I had to turn off the "behavior shield" part of AVG and suddenly I was recording. I hope this helps.