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Downloads fail when "Update Now" button is pressed.

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asked Apr 9 in Studio One 3 by tonyfalbo (390 points)
Every time I try to get get the latest update from within Studio One 3, the download fails.  Also, nothing ver shows up in my "demos and tutorials" feed, is that normal?  When an update is available I go into my PreSonus account and download the latest version from there.  Not a huge deal, just a little frustrating.  I am running MacOS sierra 10.13.3.

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answered Apr 12 by williamweber2 (140 points)
I filed a ticket with support and their response was; if you are downloading from inside the software and it fails, log into your account and download from there... exactly what you're doing, but that seems like all PreSonus has to say on the issue.

Note: I'm having the same issue with demos and tutorials feed.