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sound from left side only or right side only

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asked Apr 17, 2018 in AudioBox VSL Series by pnlaccount (150 points)
audiobox 22vsl. when using my mic in slot 1 i only get left side audio. when using slot 2 i only get right side audio. I've checked studio one 3 and i am not recording in mono. i am indeed recording in stereo. i have tried replacing every cord from the power usb cord to the microphone cord and even tried a different mic. it seems its definitely a problem with the audio box settings and because vsl is discontinued and no longer works i don't know how to correct this. i do have the universal controller. i am also using mac os el captian. i should also note it worked fine until downloading the universal controller and upgrading firmware. i already tried deleting all drives and apps for it and reinstalling them. also tried installing the original vsl with the disk it came with and downgrading firmware but that unfortunately did not help... any thoughts?

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answered Apr 26, 2018 by butchrichard (131,170 points)
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I microphone needs only one input channel.  Therefore you only need to record from that one input channel.

Create a MONO track in your DAW and set it to your microphone input channel.  It will record only that one input channel.

When you play it back, the DAW will mix to both Left and Right "output" channels.

The only time you need to record two input channels to a "stereo" track is for audio sources that have a Left and Right output.  Mixers, Keyboards, etc...