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I have only have sound on the left side...

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asked Aug 10, 2018 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by thomasfloris-courtaillier (220 points)

I have a brand new Studio 192 Mobile and here's my problem :

I have started to record a guitar track and it went perfectly. I listened to the take all the way through and there was no trouble of any kind.

However now, without changing anything, when i now play guitar, the sound only come out from the left side (and only the left side rises on the main output level meter). Everything is on mono both in Studio One (V4) and in Universal Control.

I've read some threads with the person who had this problem with a mic but it seems that the issue he had was because of he was using stereo instead of mono and for the other guy who had a similar trouble using Sonar was because he had some panning issues which is not the case here because everything is centered.

So i've checked everything : cables (OK), shutdown Studio One and relaunched it (OK), switched-off my Studio 192 mobile and relaunched it (OK), Rebooted my Macbook Pro 2015 on high Sierra (OK), tried with a synth in mono (OK) and nothing seems to work.

What did i do wrong ?

Thanks for your time and answers.


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