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Failed to connect iRig HD 2 to Studio One 3

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asked Apr 23, 2018 in Studio One 3 by briantuason1 (170 points)
I tried to connect my iRig HD 2 to my Studio One 3 Professional PC 32 bit. And it pops out:

Failed to open Microphone (iRig HD 2)!

Please make sure that the sample rates of your recording and playback devices match

Then I click Manage audio devices to set recording and playback devices, which both are iRig HD 2, set them to the same sample rates, 24 bit 96000 Hz. And it doesn't fix. Tried another same sample rates and still no.

How can I fix this in order to record guitar using iRig HD 2 in Studio One 3?

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answered Apr 26, 2018 by AlexTinsley (923,250 points)
selected Apr 26, 2018 by AlexTinsley
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We reached out to IK Multimedia to help answer your question, this is what they had to say. 

Watch this video link to see the basic setup.

1. Download ASIO4ALL v2 here: 
2. Install ASIO4ALL.exe 
3. Launch Studio One software. 
4. In your audio settings, select the ASIO4ALL v.2 driver 
5. View the ASIO4ALL Panel.  
6. You are now viewing the ASIO4ALL Panel, click the 'wrench' icon in lower right corner, a red 'X" will appear over it. This is necessary for you to select multiple interfaces for use. You will see various devices listed under the WDM Device List on the left. 
Click the enable/power button on both the iRig HD and your other interface that you will be listening to the output from. 
7. Once the above is set, view your audio settings window once again. Under Input channels, you can now view and select iRig HD as your input.  
Under Output channels, make sure your interface you are monitoring from is selected.  
Note:  Do NOT enable the 'Hardware Buffer' under Options in the ASIO4ALL panel, as this causes poor performance.

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answered Nov 9, 2022 by christopherkracht (160 points)
The answer from Alex is for windows and not Mac. From what I have found the application is not selecting the right input for the tracks. I have to select Add Tracks for all Inputs. That seems to work. I have also tried Add Audio Track Mono and that sometimes work.

I am not sure why PreSonus handles this device so differently than my iRig Axe I/O device. The Axe I/O device that I use with my home studio.

The iRig 2 is so I can record remotely with my MacBook when I teach students.