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Please implement 'Where Am I' functionality - visual indication of current channels handled by controller

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asked May 7 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Morticia (500 points)

Please implement a visual indication of the channels in the console view that are actively controlled by a hardware controller.

Cakewalk Sonar used a system like this -

This is really useful if one has more channels than the controller. When one shifts control to the next bank of channels it is easy to forget where you are. A 'Where Am I' display such as the example above gives the user quick orientation at a glance. 

This would only enhance Studio One's excellent work-flow.


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answered May 7 by BrentJammer (570 points)
Thanks, I second that. The point for me is: Not needing to have the Console open while producing, but instead using a hardware controller - this only works if your hardware controller actually has displays for each track, mine didn't. Most Midi Controller Keyboards also come with Faders but no Info on where you're at. If I need the Console Window open in Studio One while using a hardware controller - it's almost pointless.
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answered May 8 by Morticia (500 points)
That's a very good point well made BrentJammer.

I tend to mix in Console view because of the meters, rather than the Arrangement (track) view so hadn't thought of that.
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answered May 21 by AlexTinsley (696,590 points)
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