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Free Fat Channel Installed but not seen.

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asked May 14 in Studio One 3 by kirkhersee (500 points)
I just downloaded the free Fat Channel (VT1 & RC500 eq's and compressors). I saw them install and activated them through the dialogue, but I don't see them in the browser. Where would they be located? Please help, Thank you. Kirk                                           

Win10      Studio One 3

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answered May 14 by jonnylipsham (8,140 points)
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They are incorporated inside the Fat ChannelXT plugin, in the EQ and Compressor sections respectively. If you still do not find them in your drop-down list when you click the little down-arrows, close out of Studio One and restart.

Hope this helps.
asked May 14 in Studio One 3 by kirkhersee (500 points) How do I know?
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answered May 25 by erikfischer1 (170 points)
Same issue for me.

I have installed the product, and its shown as installed. Tried to restart, both program and my computer. No luck....
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answered Sep 25 by aryfh (1,040 points)
Within the Fat Channel window, you have to select the drop down menu in compressor.