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Interesting bug with Qmix connections on iPhone 6+

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asked Dec 3, 2015 in UC Surface / Qmix by Dale Christenson (4,160 points)
edited Dec 3, 2015 by stingray1122
I have a particular guitar player who is in a few different bands. In the first band, his monitor mix is aux4. In the second band, his mix is Aux5&6.

His iPhone 6+ always defaults to Aux1 when he connects. That is, if he can get it to connect. We usually have to double click home and swipe the app out then restart it to get it to connect. Once is normally all it takes for that. Then, I have to go to UC Surface to specify the mix he gets today (again). This happens even if the same band plays two night in a row.

My thinking is that since my drummer always uses the same aux mix (Aux3) for his monitor in either band, that the mixer somehow remembers his. The guitar player above is on different mixes, so it seems that the mixer doesnt know what mix his phone is supposed to get.

My question is: How does the mixer remember what phone gets what mix? Is this something I can have it forget? Forget so that I can put all his band monitors on the same mix(es).

Mixer is RM32 with the latest updates (unplug the card update). Surface for PC and iPad are current to the mixer.

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answered Dec 3, 2015 by stingray1122 (7,740 points)
The mixer remembers the connected device based on the MAC address of the device and should retain the last settings. If the permissions are set to all Auxes it will show Aux 1 by default when reconnecting. If the permissions are setup for a single aux mix, it will always return to that one aux mix. Based on your description it sounds like you have the guitar player setup with just a single mix permission so, yes, this is an interesting bug.

Could you provide info about the iOS version running on each device running QMix?
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answered Dec 4, 2015 by Dale Christenson (4,160 points)
Actually, in each band, he has a different mix assigned. That's the actual bug. How can I get the RM to forget his mix so I can put him always on the same mix no matter the band?