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Macbook Pro Touch Bar Support in S1

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asked May 22 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by aurallion (780 points)

Touch bar is already implemented in Macbook Pro since 2017, and until now it is not utilised yet in Studio One.

How S1 can implement the Touch Bar can be differ by the active section:

  • Multitrack section: can be used to move the position across time line, or have some button as shortcut: cut, pointer, etc.
  • Mixer section: can be used as quick channel strip editing, such as volume fader, pan, channel left or right, Solo, Mute, etc.
  • Editor section: to move across waves or notes time line, action shortcut, etc.
 I think by utilising Mac's touchbar, user can have faster workflow to do anything instead of using trackpad, keyboard shortcut, or mouse..

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answered May 22 by AlexTinsley (726,960 points)
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