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Midi playback Problems

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asked Jun 6 in Studio One 4 by ameliajoffer (120 points)

I have encountered a problem when playing my MIDI keyboard (Nektar LX49+) to Presonus Studio one. The recorded MIDI notes show the full and proper duration they were held down for, yet when I play them back, only the initial attack is played in the form of a quick staccato note and the rest of the duration of the note is silence. In Real time, I'm able to sustain notes and use my pedal, but when I playback the recording I run into these issues. Can someone explain why this might be happening?

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answered Jun 13 by davidburke1 (240 points)
Greetings, Ameliajoffer!

I'm sorry to hear of this problem, and I don't have a solution, yet.  But I can tell you that I'm having the EXACT same issue, AND it didn't start until I upgraded to Studio One 4.

My keyboard is a Yamaha Stage Piano CP33, and what you've described is identical to what's happening to me.  I can, however, add the notes manually with my mouse, and they work fine.  But using my keyboard is a staccato disaster.  At first, I thought the issue was a reverse polarization of my sustain pedal -- something that's not uncommon.  But after further investigation, I've determined that the problem happens with my keyboard when using it in midi mode.

Please write back ASAP.  I need to know if you've made any progress to fix this problem.