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Do endless knobs work with Studio One?

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asked Jun 7, 2018 in Studio One 4 by justinmeyer (2,320 points)

I have a Launchkey MK2 61 which has 8 regular hardware knobs.
They sent MIDI data from 1 to 127, depending on their physical position.
When linking a hardware knob to a software knob (e.g. Launchkey's Knob1 = Mojito's Cutoff), it works perfectly.
Furthermore the software knob's value jumps immediately to the hardware knob's value.

Now I'm thinking about getting some endless knobs, like Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol 88 or Yamaha Montage.
Will this work with Studio One, too?

Specifically asked:
If I turn an endless knob, does the software knob's value gets incremented/decremented?
A regular knob sends specific data, but I doubt that the same logic will be used for endless knobs.

Second thing:
Endless knobs usually have some LED cycle which shows the current value of the knob.
(On a regular hardware knob you can see/guess its value due to the white line on it.)

If you link 8 endless knobs to 8 software knobs (e.g. Mojito), will the LED cycles
show you the software knob's value?

In this example image (left side) I just showed how it would look if everything was correct:

On the right side you see the Yamaha Montage's endless knobs and LEDs.
Would the result be as on the left side, or does the MIDI device not receive the actualy
VSTi software knobs values?

Thanks for any help!

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answered Feb 8 by robbertberrevoets (140 points)
Can anybody confirm that this does or does not work?