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Studio one V5 Still Crashing

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asked Jul 29 in Studio One 5 by matthewforeman2 (230 points)
edited Jul 29 by matthewforeman2
Daw still often crashes, Song data is almost always recovered though

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answered Jul 30 by AlexTinsley (881,440 points)
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In each instance where support team investigated these issues, old plug-ins were the culprit.

Contact the plug-in vendors to get updated versions of plug-ins.

Remove J-Bridge if it's installed.

Remove any 32-bit versions.

If you're still having issues, contact support
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answered Jul 29 by kozmyk (1,870 points)
Me too. Just now.
That's the third time this week.
V4 maybe Once.

4.2 GHz i7 3770K 32GB RAM
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answered Jul 29 by Phil Buckle (920 points)
The crashing is getting out of hand now. I've been working for 3hours today and had 4 crashes.

•Disable a track CRASH

•Click on the browser button CRASH

•Open a plug window CRASH

•Drag a plug to a track CRASH

•Let the computer sleep CRASH

It's always something different.

Restarting doesn't help.

I do this for a living and have done for over 30 years. Never have I used a more buggy DAW than Studio One.

I have used it now for almost 4 years and it's always crashed a lot but I could always put up with it but version 5 is very unstable.

I have used S1 with 3 different computers. 2x MacbookPro's and now a iMac Pro. Perhaps it's more stable on Windows.

Hopefully there will be some fixes coming soon. This version is not useable for me in its current state.
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answered Jul 30 by malleteer (820 points)
Me too.

Studio one 5 keeps on crashing . And now it even freezes when i try to open a recent file.Unuseable

Please fix this asap .

Amd 3900X 32GB Ram
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answered Jul 30 by lucaspiedracueva (810 points)
8 times today.
Is impossible to work like that. And they have the super idea  that you can't open the session on version 4.
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answered Aug 1 by Phil Buckle (920 points)
How could it be the plugins when they are the same ones that work with version 4?

Those plugins still work on version 4

I am on OSX so there is no J-Bridge.

Still crashing here.
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answered Aug 1 by martinschenk1 (180 points)
i also have S1 V5 crashing everytime on startup

i also have S1 V4 installed on the same PC using the same third party plugins and it doesn't crash at all.

Please fix this **** it is really gross :X
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answered Aug 1 by jamesfoxall (440 points)
Same for me - rock solid in v4 and the same project moved to v5 crashes constantly. :/
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answered Aug 1 by fschmidt (4,460 points)

I have not yet upgraded, because the latest fix for 4.6 already didn't work out for me.
But allow me to say this:

Dear Presonus, as we have faith in your product, please have faith in your customers 
when they say: There are several things that have stopped working in version 5!

It's in the code. I'm sure it is. Even a genius makes mistakes sometimes. It's just natural.

Every programer knows better than me: A single typo bug can mess up things.