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Connecting all my Firestudio racks - Firestudio Lightpipe, Firestudio 2626, 3x Digimax LT

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asked Jul 18, 2018 in FireStudio Series by grahammeredith (120 points)
Hi, I want to connect all of my FS racks together - Firestudio Lightpipe, Firestudio 2626 and 3x Digimax LT preamps. I have a Win7 64bit SP1+ system, Asus board with i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 2TB HD. My DAW is Samplitude ProX3.

I could run the Lightpipe as the master, plus 3x Digimax LT racks via ADAT to give me 24 analog inputs.

Can I treat the Firestudio 262 as a Digimax by running it into the last remaining ADAT input of the Lightpipe to get the full 32 inputs?

There seems to be a compatibility problem with Universal Control versions, according to the FS2626 downloads page. Looking at the latest UC driver for the Lightpipe (UC ver 1.7.6) it says that this version is NOT compatible with the FS2626. The last version for the FS2626 is Universal Control v1.2.2715, Driver v3.5.5.

I have already installed my FS2626 with the UC v1.2.2715. Will the Lightpipe run with this, or has the Lightpipe got it's own dedicated UC (since it has 32 inputs)? I'm concerned that I won't see all the Lightpipe inputs using the FS2626 UC. Is this the case?

If I install the Lightpipe UC ver 1.7.6 does that mean that I won't be able to see the Firestudio 2626 if it is connected like a Digimax module to the Lightpipe?

There are more questions but I will just start with these.

Any help would be appreciated, Cheers, graham

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