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How to split multichannel wav so each one can be on its own channel in the DAW?

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asked Jul 25, 2018 in Studio One 4 by ryanjaffe (180 points)
I have a 32 channel wav from a ********* X32 SD Card session recording.  The file is addressed by Studio One as 32 channels on a single fader.  How do I get Studio One to address them individually so I get just one source on each of 32 faders?  I know Adobe products allow you to change the clip properties of media in the project window.  Wondering if Studio One does something similar without needing to rewrite the source as 32 new mono files>

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answered Aug 9, 2018 by lawrencefarr (221,410 points)
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Locate the file in the Browser Files tab and right click Split to Mono Files.
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answered May 6, 2019 by robbhorton (140 points)

I don't have this option in Studio One Artist 3.5.6... do I need to upgrade to v4 in order to see this?

No "Split to Mono option"...

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answered May 8, 2019 by brink of extinction (270 points)
robbhorton, you must have the stereo file in the editor window and than right click on the track you'd like split.
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answered Jul 17, 2019 by danieldismuke (140 points)
When I right-click on the wav file to split to mono files the option to split to mono is not available. I'm using Studio One 4.5. Any ideas? Thank you.