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SL 32 v3 / AVB / Motu LP32

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asked Aug 17, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by jean-michelcapitan (150 points)
Hi Presonus Support Team -:)

We are upgrading our studios from fully analog to fully digital through ADAT optical fibers.

We plan to replace our old analog consoles by 5x new SL32 v3 ones. But we only need ADAT I/Os (up to 64x 48K audio channel from DATA to the SL32 internal bus over two fader layers).

I read from another Presonus support topic : "We [Presonus] are still in the process of testing 3rd party products for use with the Series III and still developing Series III AVB features to support use with 3rd party products. When that testing and development is complete and we have the necessary documentation of setup and configuration, we will be able to offer support for some setup and configuration of third party AVB devices with the Series III mixers."

What about SL32 v3 and Motu LP32 direct connexion support ? Validated ? Do we need other piece of gear to have them work toghether ?

Would you advise another ADAT to AVB converter to be used with your SL32 v3 console ?

Thanks in advance for your support and answsers.

Regards. Jean-Michel.

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answered Sep 7, 2018 by jonnydoyle (118,660 points)
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The Series III mixers are maximum a 32ch mixer. In relation to 3rd party AVB support this is the official statement at this time.