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Help with audiobox 96 install Pulling my hair out!

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asked Aug 19, 2018 in AudioBox USB by martinflynn1 (160 points)
I installed as directions said.Its been 3 days now and the only thing I get is I can hear when guitar or mic is plugged in through headphones...System recognized it in device manager--No driver can be found even after installing Universal /uninstallng Universal control many times..Directions say it will ask you to plug in audiobox when installing U control---I don't get that.It just procedes to Virtual C ++ whatever and says install done...When opening up Studio 1  4  or in universal control  no driver is available for the audiobox96. I can't select it  .Only thing aval is windows driver  and I can't even get that to work..I opened up Studio Daw--and no signal line level.Nothing....I have win 8 12 gig of ram an i5 chip--and my computer qualifies with what it needs to work..Can someone guide me step by step what I'm doing wrong? This seemed like a nice interface  but I am at wits end and about ready to return  to storevas I am frustrated..Almost like no driver to work with this unit .....Please  Step by step on how you got it to work  Thanks!!!  PS I did the uninstalls reinstall  already....

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answered Aug 21, 2018 by Michael Martin (89,010 points)
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Please contact Technical Support.

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