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How to Make Dynamics Decrescendo to Niente?

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asked Aug 28, 2018 in Notion by johnmcintyre6 (140 points)
I have recently re-visited Notion (version 6) after jumping on-board with version 1 and 2, and then leaving when version 3 was released. I was a finalist winner in the Realize Music contest way back when and was an expert user with earlier versions of Notion. I left because Notion's dynamic profiles with N3 didn't seem very 'realistic'. Notion used to do things like decrescendo to niente remarkably well. Although I am enjoying getting re-acquainted with Notion, the same annoyances in terms of dynamics are present in N6 (they don't decay, the just stop). Why isn't there >ppppp like there used to be? Can anyone point me towards creating a satisfactory niente that sounds realistic?! Thanks, John

1 Answer

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answered Apr 24, 2019 by timothyberinger (360 points)
I have found (by accident) that drawing a hairpin to no dynamic, makes it go to niente.