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Dynamics not always works in Notion 6

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asked Jan 10, 2021 in Notion by ignaciolpezmallmann (220 points)
Hi there. Sometimes when I put a dynamic and then I put another different for the same instrument Notion not always take the last one and the instrument (channel) keep playing with the previous dynamic.

It happen a lot. Any help is welcome, thanks in advance!

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answered Apr 3, 2021 by johnbachman (250 points)
Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.2, Notion 6.8.1

I''ve been having the same problem, with various instruments.  Today it was the 1st violins.  Changing the dynamic marking made no difference in velocity (volume).  I had to painstakingly put the velocity in by pressing the "Tab" key, then clicking on the trailing shadow (following the note(s).  That reveals a box wherein you can enter (type) the velocity you want.  The velocity you enter (0-127?) will override any dynamic symbol you've placed on the note.

I wish I had a better cure, because this is an awfully tedious task when dealing with a long passage for the instrument in question.  But if you want the correct volume badly enough, it works.

John Bachman
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answered Apr 4, 2021 by ignaciolpezmallmann (220 points)

@johnbachman I already had a response from the support team. It can be more than one reason, in my case the cause of this problem was that I was not putting all the dynamics below a staff. Here I give you the whole reply from the support team:

Technically the dynamic markings do not use velocity in Notion for adjusting volume.  We use envelopes within the playback engine for it to be as organic as possible.  Of course, it is possible that recorded velocities in your score can cause this issue.  Try pressing the "Tab" key on your computer keyboard to view velocities.  If you see colored lines, highlight your score and go to Tools>Clear Velocities.  That is if you want to clear your velocities.  Recorded MIDI velocities can over-write the dynamics.

Another reason for this issue is if you are not putting all of your dynamics below a staff.  Once you place a dynamic above a staff, from that point on, you will not be able to put velocities below a staff.  They need to all be below or all be above a staff.  Sometimes, it is possible to accidentally place a dynamic above a staff that is below the staff that you intend to put it on.  If you have any problems, please feel free to send us a score and we would be happy to assist.