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Melodyne tempo mapping (long ish) What am i missing?!

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asked Aug 28, 2018 in Studio One by klofton (240 points)
ONJECTIVE; Quantize an entire non-click track session.
-All tracks set to "don't follow"
-Melodyne tempo map made from kick, snare, hat, & overhead tracks mixdown.
- Tempo track added to arrange view
-All tracks"bounced" to print "map" in info track "tempo" window
-All tracks set to "follow"
- Metronome on
- Metronome and tempo displayfollow varying tempo from Melodyne map
- Tempo display set to 120 to test
- Tempo map area near playback cursor changes to 120
- Playback
- Metronome speeds up to play at 120
- Audio remains at the same tempo
- At next tempo map section  Metronome tempo changes to follow map tempo.
My goal is to map tempo variances(melodyne), select a static tempo(S1), have the tracks accurately follow any selected tempo.
 I watched j pettit's videos and thought this was possible
Not possible?
Wrong method?
Missed step?
Thanks for your patience

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