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SL Series iii 3 submix to monitor

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asked Sep 19 in StudioLive Series III by douglasjordan2 (260 points)
Is there a way to create a sub mix that can be used in a monitor mix? For example create a drum sub mix that can be used for in-ear monitors so a unique mix does not need to be adjusted for each in-ear.

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answered Sep 23 by guillaumelanglais (410 points)
It could be what you need

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answered Sep 23 by guillaumelanglais (410 points)
It's not the good video.

Press Edit on Monitor section

In the screen, select Phones, or Monitor

Affect to a mix, for example, Mix 1

Press Mix 1 on the left of mixer

You can adjust the level for each channel you want to ear in headphones or monitors

Press Mix/Fx Master on top of users functions, on the right section, you have the fader of the Ax1, in it is the main volune for Mix1
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answered Sep 23 by douglasjordan2 (260 points)

 guillaumelanglais, creating a monitor mix is straightforward, but I want to use a monitor mix in another monitor mix as in the original post example. It can be a painstaking process to create a drum mix for every single person with in-ear monitors so doing once and using that one for everyone makes more sense.

My answer was to use monitor mix output (15 in my case) and with a patch cable bring it back in on a input connector (analog 24 patched to input 25) to be used in another monitor mix. This works perfectly.

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answered Oct 4 by jonnydoyle (67,930 points)
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Setup a Matrix mix. That way you can send other Aux mixes to it.