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Can't Hear Plugins during recording

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asked Nov 14, 2018 in Studio One 3 by carlosorr1 (280 points)
I ran into this issue while recording. I'm using AutoTune but I need the artist to hear it while we are recording.  I know that this can be done if I put the plugin on the "input track" but that also writes to the wave. Meaning I'm stuck with the results and it cannot be changed.  If I put the plugin in on the mixer channel I can't not hear it even with the monitor button on.

Windows 10 Pro 6-core AMD

Studio One 3.5 Pro, Studio 192

1 Answer

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answered Jan 12, 2019 by aryfh (1,720 points)
I am not sure about your Auto Tune (Antares?), but it seems you' may need a realtime or 'live' plugin, such as Waves Tune Real Time.

Waves Tune Real Time is a 'live' plug in that corrects pitch on the fly, whereas Waves Tune is a plug in that needs to first scan audio and then you can correct it.